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A Pinch Valve is an economical piece of equipment that works like a tap. It has an on/off function, to shut off, allow or control the flow of any media passing through it.

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A pinch valve is a full bore or fully ported type of control valve which uses a pinching effect to obstruct fluid flow. Operating principle. Pinch valves employ an elastic tubing (sleeve/hose) and a device that directly contacts the tubing (body). Forcing the tubing together will create a

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017· Pinch valve: How does it work and what are the advantages of an air operated pinch valve? This animated film illustrates the scope of performance of the pinch valve from the market leader AKO

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Pinch Valve Operation How It Works Operating Pressures Richways Airpinch valves use compressed air, or fluid, to compress the rubber sleeve inside of the valve body to shut off media flow. Operating pressures for controlled material vary depending on sleeve elastomer and valve siz

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As soon as the supply of compressed air/fluid is interrupted and the air operated Pinch Valve casing is vented or drained, the specially manufactured sleeve is opened by its rebound elasticity/resilience, enabling the pressure in the medium to flow through the full passage of the air operated Pinch Valves.

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Pinch Valve Mechanism What is a Pinch Valve? A pinch valve offers a cost-effective and practical solution for controlling the flow of media through a pipe line or any other system. It comprises of a rubber sleeve, which is the only wetted part of the entire valve, and prevents the other components from contamination.Pinch valves have gained significant popularity in a number of industries

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.com . Only use the pinch valve when it is fitted (e.g. in a pipe). Use dry, oil-free and filteredcompressed air as a control medium to avoid corrosion and damage to the pinch valve and sleeve . Isolate the control pressure and relieve the pinch valve of any pressure immediately in case of failure of or damage to the pinch

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Is there a pneumatic pinch valve from PREMA-SERVICE with a safety position (closed by default)? If the escape of the control air and the associated automatic opening of the pinch valve pose a risk for safety reasons, the pneumatically operated pinch valves can be equipped with a safety switch. This ensures that the valve remains closed in the

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Pinch Valve Body. Pinch valves have molded bodies reinforced with fabric. Pinch valves generally have a maximum operating temperature of 250 o F. At 250 o F, maximum operating pressure varies generally from 100 psig for a 1-inch diameter valve and decreases to 15 psig for a 12-inch diameter valve.

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The heart of this unique pinch valve is the durable, Flexible rubber sleeve which is reinforced with high-strength fabric. The sleeve, which is the only part of the valve exposed to the line process, eliminate maintenance and the need for expensive materials. Additionally, valve operation will not freeze, and operating torques remain constant

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Flowrox heavy duty pinch valves are designed for shut off and control applications involving abrasive or corrosive slurries, powders or granular substances. In the open position, the valve is full bore with no flow restrictions. During closing, two pinch bars squeeze the valve sleeve shut on the centerline. Bubble tight shut-off is provided

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Air Operated Pinch Valves A Cost Effective Solution to Flow Control Problems. Air Actuated Pinch Valves offer a cost-effective solution to flow control problems. The secret is in the rubber sleevethe valve's only wetted part. Actuation of the valve is accomplished by air or hydraulic pressure placed directly on the elastomer sleeve. The

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Flowrox PVG and PVEG pinch valves are robust and cost effective with simple, single-sided closing mechanism. PVG valve has a strong valve body and opening tags in the sleeve as a standard. PVEG valve has a corrosion resistant and light-weight plastic body. Through the reliability and structure, both kinds of valves offer substantial savings based []

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Bio-Chem Pinch Valves allow flow passage through a flexible tube which is pinched off to produce a tight seal. Only the easily replaceable tubing comes into contact with the fluid, making this style of valve ideal for applications requiring frequent changes of the flow path.

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Introduced and patented by Red Valve, the air -actuated Type A Pinch Valve offers a unique, cost-effective solution to flow control problems. More Red Valve Type A Valves are in use than any other Pinch Valve throughout the world. The secret is in the rubber sleeve the valves only wetted part.

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When you specify Red Valve products, you can be sure they meet all E.U. Standards as well as many other countries criteria, to perform as expected. As the world-leader in Pinch Valve and Elastomer technology, Red Valve knows the importance of complying with the highest International Standards. Click the title above to read more.

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Pinch valve. Video Credit: AKO UK Valves /CC BY-SA 4.0. Classification . Industrial valves can be classified in a number of different ways. Pinch valves are full bore, linear action valves that can be used in both an offon manner or in a variable position or throttling service.

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Red Valve Type A Air-Actuated Pinch Valve. Red Valve Control Pinch Valves offer maximum durability with precise control and virtually no maintenance. A heavy-duty, rugged pinch mechanism positions the sleeve, resulting in accurate flow control. Our Control Pinch Valves have no packing to maintain or seats to wear, no fugitive emissions and no

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aiRFlex. aiRFlex® is a low cost pinch valve solution that doesnt compromise quality or function. The non-stretch aiRFlex® design increases elastomer tube life 2 to 3 times over conventional air-actuated pinch valves. aiRFlex® is ideal for all liquids and powders in low-pressure applications.

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RF VALVE® & aiRFlex® pinch valves meet the most rigorous service conditions. Our patented elastomer tube fold design prevents stretching and extends the sleeve life to result in valves that last. We provide proven engineered solutions to our customers.

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AKO is the world leader in Pinch Valves with the largest selection of air operated pinch valves available. Applications range from dirty abrasive industrial slurries and powders to hygienic food and pharmaceutical applications.

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A pinch valve may be the best type of valve for flow control application if the operation temperature is within the limit of the polymer. Air-operated pinch valves. Air-operated pinch valves generally only consist of an extremely elasticised reinforced rubber hose, a type of housing, and two socket end covers or flanges. The rubber hoses of the

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Valve Series Bio Pinch Valve Body Type Standard Operation Manual Pneumatic Valve Footprint Small-Medium Medium-Large Control Type Standard Control Tubing Wall Thickness Tubing Inner Diameter (ID) Instrument Options Visual Indicator Proximity Sensor Additional

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The Jindex Pinch Valve range has been designed to solve process problems associated with controlling the flow of abrasive or corrosive fluids. Industries such as mineral processing, pulp and paper, power generation, chemical handling, effluent treatment, water and waste water use the Jindex Pinch Valve.

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Applications. National satnadards of API, ASME, GB, DIN and other related standards are all available upon your request. We mainly cover the following fields: Ball valve, Check valve, Butterfly valve, Gate valve, Globe Valve, Plug Valve, Safety valve, Pinch Valve and so on.

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Richway pinch valves are the best value in valves. They're long lasting and affordable, and their easily replaceable rubber sleeves prevent downtime.

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The sleeves flexibility allows the valve to close drop tight around entrapped solids, eliminating hang ups damaging the valve itself. Sealing area is equal to 95% of the valves length. With Red Valve Type A Pinch Valves, there are no seats or packing to replace, or cavities or dead spots to collect debris and bind valve operation

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Pinch Valve Advantage and Disadvantage. Pinch Valve is made using a metal frame that houses a rubber wear sleeve and a shut-off mechanism. The rubber sleeve is the only part that comes in contact with the flowing media; this significantly minimizes the chances of contamination within the system.

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The Series 75 Manual Pinch Valve is the number one selling pinch valve in the world today. The Series 75 is a reliable, maintenance-free, cost-effective valve designed for tough slurries, abrasives and corrosive-chemical applications. The Series 75 full-port design eliminates any dead spots or crevices, seats or bearings where slurry can hang up and impair

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