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The torque capability of a thickener drive is specified as Duty Rating being the maximum mechanism design strength or the 100% setting on the Torque Control Box. The torque, in turn, depends on a K factor and the thickener diameter based on the following formula: Torque (in Nm) = 14.6*K*D 2 (in meters)

ThickenersMineral Processing & Metallurgy

Thickener Sizes and Superstructure. Thickeners up to 45 are all furnished with the low head type superstructure, consisting of heavy steel beams, rigidly and laterally braced, and arranged for mounting on either steel, concrete, or wooden tanks, with superstructure

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Molecular weight (approx.) [g/mol] Wetting agents/Surfactants ~ 10 2 Dispersing agents ~ 10 310 4 Polyurethane thickeners ~ 10 4 Acrylic thickeners ~ 10 5 Cellulose ethers ~ 10 6 Generally the molecular weight of polyurethane thickeners is significantly lower compared with other thickener types like acrylic thickeners or cellulose ethers.

Thickener Feed System