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Busch Genuine Exhaust Filters. Enhance your vacuum pump to maximum performance. Comprehensive test methods ensure highest quality standards. Suitable for oxygen-rich applications. Extensive

Busch Standing FiltersBusch USABusch Vacuum Solutions

Original Busch standing filters combine different separation mechanisms in a multi-stage process. The standing filter housing is designed as a cyclone in the area of the gas inlet (1). The tangential gas inlet and deflection cone allow the gas or vapor to flow along the inside of the vessel.

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Busch Exhaust Filter replacement 532917477 for pumps 0025B PUMP (BUSCH) 0040B PUMP (BUSCH) 0063B PUMP (BUSCH) 0063B 0063C PUMP (BUSCH) 0063C 0063E MSRP: Now: $57.40

BUSCH VACUUM Filter Elements

BUSCH VACUUM filter element replacements are built with the highest quality materials and workmanship. Shop online for BUSCH VACUUM filter elements.

Busch Filters 531.001, 531.002, 531.003, 531.005, 532.001

55 rows· Busch Inc. Filter: 5: 2.625: 4.875: DOE: $13.87: 532004: Busch Inc. Filter: 6: 3.5: 8.7: DOE2G:

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Only Busch Genuine Spare Parts and Accessories guarantee the optimum performance, operational security and warranty of your vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors. We offer a wide range of Genuine Spare Parts and Accessories for vacuum pumps, systems, blowers and compressors for your own peace of mind. From air and oil filters to lubricants and oils as well as service kits, we are able to

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51 rows· Mar 21, 2021· busch vacuum: 0531.002.000: 05-2006b: 05-2006b: spin on oil filter: 59.

BUSCH R5 SERIESAirtech Vacuum

EXHAUST FILTER KITS PUMP MODEL NUMBER BUSCH PART NUMBER CATALOG PART NUMBER RA/RC.0010,0016 993.062.02 BUFK-1094 RA/RC.0012/0021 993.120.02 BUFK-1061 RA/RC.0025,0040 993.134.02 BUFK-1047 RA/RC.0025, 0040, C & E 0993.900.245 BUFK-1172 RA/RC.0063,0100, B, C & E 0993.902.118 BUFK-1047-2 RA/RC.0063,0100 C/E (EUR) 0992.106.214 BUFK-1047-2E

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Busch Genuine Exhaust Filters. Optimal energy efficiency: Reduced load on the vacuum pump, lower energy consumption. Superior performance and optimal service life: Low pressure drop throughout filter lifetime. High-quality filters reduce oil costs: Better filters save money and create a

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Precision Plus vanes for Busch vacuum pumps are made from our proven high strength GX polymer similar to that used by many of todays OEM pump manufacturers. This provides a durable vane that is both thermally stable and corrosion resistant for most vacuum pump applications.

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