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The Vacuum Disk Filter consists essentially of a slowly revolving drum, the lower half of whose circumference is submerged in the pulp to be filtered. The filtering medium is applied all around the periphery, which is divided up into a number of separate segments, more


product family of vacuum disc filters. It offers well- established technologies that have been applied successfully for the filtration of various products and might just provide the solution you have been looking for. For more than 60 years, ANDRITZ Separation has provided efficient vacuum disc filter solutions to a wide range of key industries -

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STARDISC unites two vacuum disc filter designs that have made a name for themselves in different industries and many applications. Together, these popular disc filters allow you to cover the widest possible range of applications in vacuum disc filtration.

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LOWEST MAINTENANCE AND OPERATING COSTS CDF vacuum disc filters with ceramic filter plates are the best solution for filtration (dewatering) of slurries with high content of solids (from 15 to 70%), when it is required to obtain the dry final cake with minimum operational costs, high filtration rate due to a big filtration

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International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science Volume 2, Issue 6, October-November, 2014 from sectors which are clamped together will form the disc. when compared to other vacuum filters, the floor space required for the International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science Volume 2, Issue 6, October

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The Outotec Larox ® SC filter consists of multiple discs mounted on a horizontal shaft. Each disc consists of 10 plastic sectors, covered with clamped-together filter cloth bags. The bottom of each sector is connected to a filtrate tube, connecting the rotating discs to a vacuum source that runs along the shaft to a rotary valve at the end of the filter.

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The ceramic filter uses a sintered alumina disc to dewater slurry under low vacuum. The dewatering occurs by drawing water from the slurry by capillary action. This ensures that no air or particles are drawn into the filter medium to cause blockage.

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